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Towards a relational economy

The ECPF is actively involved in offering a new paradigm for the economy of Europe. We believe that society and economy are fundamentally connected. Based on the relational reality of human existence we advocate real ownership of the economy by the people who form the economy. These people are never a select group of either government officials or CEO’s or stockholders but all those who work together and therefore together shape our economy. From this view one can state that the economy should be ‘owned’ by the society. Such ownership can be expressed in many ways, from shareholding employees to smaller and medium-sized family businesses or co-operations. It can also an ‘energy co-operative’ as we see in a growing number of places. In finance it can be expressed by ‘credit-unions’ or crowdfunding. All these expressions share the same idea that there is a relation between people in their economic activity.  This many-faceted relational perspective opens a window to an ‘economy of values’ based on and enhancing human dignity. 

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