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Matteo Piano

Gregor Küpper

David Quinn

Jonathan Tame


Brussels 03-25Brussels 03-25

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March 25
Brussels 03-25

ECPF conference & ECPF general members assembly

'The presentation of Christian values in the light of secular pressure'

25 March, Brussels

Quaker House, Square Ambiorix 50







(Detailed description of the program)

09:30   Opening by ECPF President
09:40  Lecture by Maria Hildingsson, director FAFCE
 (lobbying for values)
10:30  Lecture by David Quinn, director Iona Institute
 (presenting values in the media
11:30  Interactive 'workshop' by Gegor Kupper and Matteo Piano, Narrowway
 (policy making)
12:30  Lunch
13:30  Lecture 'Relational thinking, a cultural alternative', by Jonathan Tame, director Jublee Centre
14:30   Break
15:00   ECPF General Member Assembly
 Presentation publications 2012
 Presentation projects and events 2013
 (Open for observers and interested participants) 
17:30  Closing



'The presentation of Christian values in the light of secular pressure'

Benedict XVI, the (now) Emeritus-Pope, saw the future of Europe’s Catholicism in
particular and Europe’s Christianity in general as ‘creative minority’. An important
legacy of his papacy is the steps he took in expressing this by influencing the
intellectual and cultural debate. By bringing Christian values in the debate on
economy, culture and the future of life itself he made an important contribution to that

More efforts from various denominative background have taken important steps
in developing the church in Europe into a ‘creative minority’. A major step in this
regard has been the development of a coherent relational vision on life and economy.
Another important step has been the development of an elaborate positive vision at
the family by many involved experts and organizations.

The European Christian Political Foundation has the aim to connect Christians
in Europe and have them involved in the debates on the future of our continent.
Questions as what will be Europe’s values, economy and culture are core issues in
this effort.

The big question is how Christians can influence the debate while they are at the
same time seemingly in the cultural defense and ridiculed by the ‘opinion-makers’
and pundits in media and politics. This question of being a creative minority in the
headwind of secular pressure is the starting point of this event.

The event will take place before the General Members Assembly of the European
Christian Political Foundation. Those interested are welcome as well to hear the
results over 2012 and program and projects for 2013 of the ECPF.

We look forward to meet you in Brussels! If you have any question; please contact us
via secretariat@ecpf.info