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ECPF Conference 'Values, foundations for Europe's economy'ECPF Conference 'Values, foundations for Europe's economy'

‘Values; Foundations for Europe’s economy’

Congress European Christian Political Foundation


Dr. Philip Blond, Dr. Michael Schluter, Dr. Tomáš Sedláček,

Dr. Luigino Bruni, Peter Briscoe, Dr. Peter Ester

Brussels, 7 June 2012, 10:00 – 16:00

European Parliament, Altiero Spinelli, A5E-2


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Those with accreditation are of course still welcome to participate in the conference.
If you have any additional question concerning this event, you can contact our office and/or email us at secretariat@ecpf.info

The ECPF and MEP Peter van Dalen (ChristenUnie/ECR) invite you warmly to attend the Conference ‘Values; Foundations for Europe’s economy’. This conference will take place at 7 June in the European Parliament in Brussels in the ‘Altiero Spinelli’, conference room A5E-2.

One of the goals of the ECPF is to present new and challenging alternatives to the existing ideas in culture and economy. Many thinkers have pointed to the moral failures in our current economic thinking as a major cause of this crisis. This conference aims to show the relevance and need of values as foundations for the future of Europe’s economy. Based on this foundation speakers will reflect on the question how human relations, society and economy relate to one another and which economical paradigm will really help our societies and families.

Given the increasing European involvement in directing economic policy at European and national level it is fitting that this vision is presented in the European Parliament.  As ECPF we welcome that a number of highly qualified speakers will shed their light on this theme and give direction on how to develop a vision that can become a basis for economic policies in a European and global economy.

Speakers at this conference are: Dr. Philip Blond (UK, ResPublica (writer 'Red Tory')), Dr. Tomáš Sedláček (writer of ‘economics of good and evil’), Dr. Michael Schluter (UK, Relationships Global), Peter Briscoe (Crown), Prof. Dr. Luigino Bruni (University of Milan) and Prof. Dr. Peter Ester (Dutch Senator).


The program of the conference you will find here   

If you have registered, you will before this conference receive more detailed information regarding issues like entering the European Parliament.


2nd ECPF Members Assembly

After this conference the ECPF will hold at the same day and location it’s second annual General Members Assembly. The GMA will take place in the same conference-room and start at 16:30 and close at 17:45

The ECPF secretariat will send the ECPF members all documents related to this GMA. Member-organisations of the ECPF can contact the ECPF office if they have any question related to the GMA.


8th ECPM Members Congress, 8 June, Brussels


The ECPM will at 8 June hold it's 8th Members Congress in Brussels. Before the Congress a forum on the relations between EU & Israel will take place.


More information will be made available at www.ecpm.info