Christian Political Foundation for Europe becomes SalluxChristian Political Foundation for Europe becomes Sallux

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Christian Political Foundation for Europe
Christian Political Foundation for Europe becomes Sallux

In order to create a sharper profile of our organisation and to enhance the rebranding the Christian Political Foundation for Europe has changed its name to Sallux. The purpose is to become a better recognised organisation that ‘stands out in the crowd’.

The new name and logo has been launched at the ECPM General Members Assembly. This was accompanied with the handover of the painting that will be the new background of the total branding of Sallux.

The painting symbolises that regardless the seemingly ongoing global crises, our world is in God’s hands. This does not take away our responsibility for our world but rather enhances and grows and calls us to be salt and light in this world, hence ‘Sallux’ .

For Sallux this means that we want to spark a salted debate where needed and shed light on the issues we face. We do not aim to be on the safe side of the status quo. At the same time it is not our goal to polarise, we want to build bridges between opposite sides and find common ground, as we need a relational approach to life, economy and society.

In our new branding these issues are symbolised with interconnected icons that are dedicated to a specific policy field. These policy fields are: family, society, the EU (institutions and the people), (human) life, the economy, global problems,  the environment and freedom.

As European political foundation of the ECPM we continue to be dedicated to put forward new policy approaches in each of these fields through all our activities.

In the coming months the rebranding transition will be completed while at the same time all our communication methods will be improved.

At the same time we continue with our events and activities for which you are warmly invited. We can already announce the following:

Sallux will play a strong role in the international part of the program of the next Congress for Christian Leaders from 23 to 27 February.

You are also most welcome at the next State of Europe Forum in Malta which will take place at 7 & 8 May 2017.

For sure more events and activities will follow and thanks to the rebranding we will be able to communicate this better. We look forward to meet you and hear from you!