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Who is the winner in an ever increasing vicious debate?

By Johannes de Jong, manager ECPF

The urgent need of redefining ‘anti-discrimination’ full story

Our political bankruptcy demands a renewed political idealism

By Phillip Blond ABC Religion and Ethics Updated 14 Aug 2012 (First posted 13 Aug 2012)

The right and left have produced oligarchies. The politics of the future will be anti-oligarchical and will, of necessity, draw on new and unexpected resources to shape a new political idealism. full story

The Economic Crisis and the Proposal of the Economy of Communion

By Luigino Bruni

University of Milan Bicocca and I.U. Sophia Loppiano (Firenze)
Brussels, Seat of the European Parliament
7 june 2012 full story

Morality & the Market: Towards a Value-based Economy

By Dr. Peter Ester
Senator, member of the Senate of the Dutch Parliament
Professor Rotterdam University full story

The Problem of Scale. Or Why Sphere Sovereignty Needs Subsidiarity

By Jonathan van Tongeren

In neo-Calvinist political thought the notion of subsidiarity has often been rejected as a typically Roman Catholic notion deemed too hierarchical. Abraham Kuyper proposed in stead the notion of sphere sovereignty, which, though not devoid of hierarchy within the spheres itself, sees no hierarchy among the different spheres. In this article I will argue that in this age of globalisation the protection offered by the application of sphere sovereignty does not suffice to protect the common man. It is in the combination of the principles of sphere sovereignty and subsidiarity that sufficient protection can
be found... full story

Boosting democracy or European culture clash?

Why the liberal left does not (want to) get the reality in ‘New Europe’

Following the recent protests that took place in Hungary, the social-liberal opposition in Romania also pushed people to the street, using spontaneous demonstrations that have been held earlier days that week. This came as a second attempt to the one that unfolded in 2010, when buses with demonstrators were brought to the Constitutional Square to demonstrate when the Romanian Parliament was discussing the third motion of no
confidence... full story

Peace is more important to ‘powder keg’ Europe than the Euro

It happened in the Swiss town of Caux, beautifully situated above Montreux, with a wonderful view over Lake Geneva. July 1946 delegates from many European countries gathered in the Mountain House, a former refuge centre for war victims, to look together for opportunities for reconciliation and peace in Europe... full story

Comment David Fieldsend on Constitution Hungary

Is Hungary's new constitution really so outlandish?

The new Constitution of Hungary has been the subject of intense media interest and speculation over recent weeks. Last week a debate of more than three hours duration in the European Parliament was dedicated to it. full story