ECPF Project 'Europe's Values'ECPF Project 'Europe's Values'

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ECPF Project 'Europe's Values'

ECPF Project ‘Europe’s values’
in co-operation with the ‘Groen van Prinsterer Institute’

Main idea:

The European Christian Political Foundation and ChristianUnion’s Think Tank (‘Groen van Prinsterer Institute’) have started a project that looks at the historical and cultural foundation of Europe. The project does not focus on the EU, its role and institutions, but rather on Europe’s shared history, common values and religious heritage. Based on that, this study will describe a Christian contribution to the debate on the cultural direction of Europe. The outcome will be a publication that will be discussed at conferences and seminars. European seminars and conferences will also be used as feedback moments during the project.


Central questions of the publication:

  1. What has been the contribution of the various religious traditions and world-views especially Christianity, to the creation of the European culture and the EU?
  2. To what extend can you speak about shared European values?
  3. What are the cultural tendencies in contemporary Europe and what is a Christian review of them?
  4. How can Christianity contribute to vital values in Europe?
  5. How can these values converted into goals for Europe and the EU?
  6. Which role can EU policy play in pursuing these goals?
  7. What will the future role of the EU and its values be?


Project leader

Dr. Sander Luitwieler is project leader of this study project. If you have any questions regarding this project you can contact the ECPF: