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March 25
Matteo Piano

Matteo Piano

Being conceived in Italy, born in Germany and raised in Belgium, Mattèo Piano is a walking cocktail of Latin and Germanic cultures. This is expressed in his work – simultaneously passionate and rational. In 1999 he received a call to help people in their growth. His strong rational and spiritual side challenged him to look for a methodology that could achieve this. Since 2000 he started his quest that led him to the development of a process-based approach for growth cultivation in the business world. In 2011 he married Carola Willemse who is now his partner in life and work, resulting in the development of many projects. Besides being a analytical mind, Mattèo is a musician, composer, designer, lecturer, teacher and amateur cook. For Mattèo Piano life is art where science and spirituality meet. This is reflected in his love for God, art, music, philosophy, gastronomy, beauty and all the rest that excels the noblesse of human kind and creation.