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Schuman Centre's The State of Europe ForumSchuman Centre's The State of Europe Forum

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Christian Political Foundation for Europe
Schuman Centre's The State of Europe Forum

THE STATE OF EUROPE FORUM is held annually on Europe Day, the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration of May 9, 1950, the recognised birthdate of what has become the EU. It is held in the capital of the country holding the presidency of the EU, (Budapest 2011, Copenhagen 2012, Dublin 2013…). The aim is to evaluate Europe today in the light of the founding fathers’ vision for a united yet diverse Europe built on the values of equality, freedom, solidarity and peace.

The Forum presents speakers and discussion around four main themes:

1. the role of the Bible in shaping Europe's past

2. the forgotten Christian roots of the European Union

3. the current situation in Europe in the light of these roots, with specific reference to developments, positive and negative, over the previous year,

4. proposals for recovering lost values, including a recommended action agenda for politicians, voters, churches, organisations and individuals.

Talks and papers will be made available on this and linked websites, especially Talks will also be distributed to European newspapers as op-ed articles.

The 2012 State of Europe Forum will be held in Copenhagen:

May 9-10

Theme: IS THE GAME OVER?          

TWENTY YEARS have passed since Jacques Delors, as President of the European Commission, warned that if a soul for Europe–‘spirituality and meaning’–could not be found within the next decade, the game would be up. Europe’s current crises surely impel us to ask,is the game over?

Have we built on false foundations? What futures are possible for Europe? Can the past still offer options for the future?
Should the task of finding Europe’s soul be left to politicians? Who can articulate spirituality of unity with diversity, and meaning transcending mere material prosperity?
Surely the quest for Europe’s soul involves us all: educators, economists, social activists, church leaders, business leaders, artists, writers, journalists, academics, theologians… & politicians!

The forum offers a framework to address these questions, and the opportunity to promote a European dialogue among Christian leaders from the public and private sectors, including education, arts, media and churches from all across Europe.

This year’s forum will be held in the Vartov, in central Copenhagen, and begins at 2pm, Wednesday, May 9, ending with lunch the next day.

Plenary sessions and panels offer interaction with speakers and experts from various fields, while special interest groups allow further discussion and formulation of strategic action.
Participation in the forum is by invitation as places are limited to 100; a quota system will ensure a balanced representation with special emphasis on the Nordic and Baltics lands. The forum is intended for those with Christian conviction and who would benefit from and contribute constructively to the dialogue from a range of social spheres. Those interested in receiving an invitation may contact the Schuman Centre, (email: , or other supporting bodies shown below.

Forum fee is €75, to be paid on registration (via Schuman Centre website). This covers the forum sessions, resources, refreshments and light lunches, but not accommodation or dinner on 9th. Information about payment of the forum fee will be sent on confirmation of registration.